Malaysia tour 2003

A wonderfull place to perform Theatre Dewi Sivik! A capacity of 1250 people.

The first morningĀ  Alex woke up in his hotel in
Kuala Lumpurthere where a lot of press who wanted
to interview Alex immediately.Alex was also invited to
play live on national TV. They also showed some
live recordings of his concerts on the television.

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Live on the Malaysian TV.The complete show was on Malaysian ABC for more then 2 hours.

Together with Laura Fygi Alex played for the Ambassador of the Netherlands
in Malaysia and the Minister of agriculture of Malaysia on a gala dinner in Kuala Lumpur.

Alex always takes time for his fans.

To make sure everybody could still see Alex they putt a huge screen next to him during the workshop and the concert.

One of Alex’s highlights was playing together with
“The Malaysian Tommy Emmanuel” Roger Wang.