The new cd “The hunt of the Kingfisher” is released at 3rd of June 2016. The new CD of Alex van Voorst is a complete instrumental acoustic guitar cd with 12 songs. The twelve tracks are all recorded with different guitars and effects. Some straight to the soundboard and some in front of a microphone. He used a Martin, Jeffrey Yong, Lowden nylon string and a Dobro guitar. One of Alex’ favorite tracks is the U2 cover “With or without you”. On this CD there was a lot of advice from his friend (more then 20 years now!)
Jan Akkerman. Usually this took place during the long car trips they made. Also Dennis van Hoorn helped Alex with the cajon on the Police cover “Every breath you take”.  Some own compositions where made for the old blues legend’s Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy. The compositions are in their style of playing. The photography where in the hands world top photographer his good friend Patricia Steur.

The tracks are:

Every breath you take
The hunt of the Kingfisher
I don’t wanna talk about it
Sweet Georgie Brown
Who wants to leve forever
With or without you
Long tall mama
Scarborought fair
Last steam engine train
Hey Big Bill is in town
Hello Mr. Johnson
The wreck of the old 97