Alex van Voorst

Alex van Voorst (1963) is a fingerstyle guitar player. He made his dream come true in 1996 to record a CD “ The Gentle Fox’’ with his idol Jan Akkerman. During the years Alex specialized himself into Fingerstyle Guitar. In 2002/2003 he was elected as 'Best guitarist of the Netherlands' by the SENA Awards but Alex withdraw (see SENA Awards).
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Fingerstyle compositions

In the realm of guitarists, there exists a particular kind—those who seek not just notes, but the stories behind them.... unraveling the song's emotional core. Then begins the alchemy — the transformation of a song into a fingerstyle masterpiece. Meet Alex, a troubadour in the modern age, a wanderer of melodies, and a maestro of fingerstyle.
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Since 2003, Alex is touring Asia every year. Het played in various venues in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. It was during these tours where he met his musical friends, like Melvin Gnai, Amanda Gnai and Hakiru Tanimoto. Next tour: december 2023 in Malaysia!
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Alex is playing guitars made by Jeffrey Yong, one the best guitar builders (luthiers) in the world CHECK THEM OUT