How Rock and Acoustic ballads can meet

Once upon a time…

Together with Remy Hansen putting up a show...seems unreal...Fingerstyle combined with a kind of (speed) rock...But it worked very well in Shanghai. I think Remy Hansen is one of those talents that you don't meet often in your life. Extreme technical skills with a great doses of talent together and you create Remy. Even the big stars in the world like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani agreed with me on this...and that doesn't suprised me at all. Remy helped me with two tracks on my album "No strings attached". Please take a look at the documentary they made about us ... at the end (the final) we played the beatiful song "Once upon a time in the west"...and then you see/hear yourself how this musical world can come together. Breath taking

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