30 years of friendship

Our friendship goes back more then 30 years! In 1993 I first met Jan Akkerman inb Dillegntia in the Hague. I was recording my CD Baronsdown. I "thought" I composed a new song for this album....but actually I was so inspired by Jan's "Just Because" that it was almost a copy of this song. It didn't felt good....So I went to Dillentia theatre and spoke to Jan and explain what happened (the song wasn't recorded yet...) and asked him what to do. He was laughing and said: "just mention on the cd that you where conseived by Jan Akkerman"...Since that time we had a bond created untill today. Later that day I was sitting on the front row enjoying his show...Jan was playing that show the song Just Because...after the song he looked at me and said: "Hey, aren't you that guy who composed this song"? I couldn't stop laughing...This is the humor of Jan....just one example of many...;-)
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