Custom Gibson Jr Les Paul model

My new (old) custom Gibson Jr Les Paul model is finished! Inlays custom made by DePauly in Vietnam, all the work done by Frank de Haan . In my opinion the best luthier of the doubt about it.

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Malaysian Tour 2014

Malaysia Tour December 2014

Just got back from Malaysia I played there several concerts in mainly Kuala Lumpur. One of the biggest theatre there is the ASWARA Orchestra Hall. This was really nice. I could play there for the first time on my Jeffrey Yong guitar! The sound was incredible. Never heard anything like this before…so of course the concert was a huge success. If the sound is right you play better that’s a fact.

I met a 12 year old boy there as well….his name is Melvyn Gnai…please do notice this name. What a talent this is! He won a World youth concourse in 2014 and is playing now in the Carnegie Hall in NY in May 2015! But….before that….he will join me and John Goldie for a theatre concert in Leidschendam (Holland) on the 25th of April.

I did some workshops as well. A very nice one (maybe the best so far!) was at Hammerklavier. Several students there showed up and gave me a great time. I hope that I learned them something as well.

I will go back at the end of this year! Same time same place…;-)

Hongkong Tour 2012

Alex will be on tour in Hongkong this year from 13 april – 21 april.  After Malaysia (2) and China will this be his fourth tour of Asia.

Saturday 14th          Concert at Backstage Live 1/F Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central Hongkong

Sunday 15th              Masterclass at GuitarConcept  2303-04 Island Center, 470 Reclamation Street,Mongkok

Monday 16th           *My birthday…;-)

Tuesday 17th           Concert at The Wanch,  54 Jaffe Road Wan Chai, 2586 1621

Wednesday 18th    Available

Thursday 19th        Concert at Backstage Live 1/F Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central Hongkong

Friday 20th              Available

China Tour 2010

Review  Tour China  

On the 20th of november Remy Hansen and I went for an Asian tour in China Shanghai.  The tour was one big party for us. Our tour manager Huang Ruby was an ace for us. She really made us feel at home at the other side of the world! We played our concerts in Shanghai. This was quite some experience…We had some good concerts at the Melting Pot, but our best gig was on our “day off”…We went to Oscar’s Pub and start jamming….within’ 10 minutes we had the whole place upsite down with songs as Sweet home Alabama, Little Wing….and a lot Jamming… 

Our masterclass at Dulwich for the talented guitar players of Shanghai was a nice thing to do as well. 
It was great to play with such a good guitar player as Remy. I am honored to say that we became good musical friends! For an expression of the tour you can see the photo’s in the gallery below.  

Malaysia tour 2007

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Nashville tour 2005

Touring in Nashville
Photogallery Nashville 2005

Interview on Akkernet

Akkernet hooked up via the Internet recently and chatted with Alex van Voorst who made an album with Jan in 1996. The following conversation provides us with an interesting insight to Jan’s exacting professional standards…and how Alex responded.

The next morning, when I arrived in the studio I was furious. I did not say “good morning” to anybody, I grabbed my guitar and said “start the fucking tape!” In my mind I had the idea that if Jan still would not like it I would stop with the CD.

Having a lot of fun together!
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Malaysia tour 2003

A wonderfull place to perform Theatre Dewi Sivik! A capacity of 1250 people. Read more

Interview GitaarPlus 2

Alex van Voorst met zijn Jeffrey Yong Custom

Het juiste moment op de juiste plaats

Werken in Maleisië met Alex van Voorst

artikel Guitarplus februari 2003

Dat je voor sprookjes niet specifiek naar Kaatsheuvel –De Efteling- moet afdalen, ontdek ik op een vroege zaterdagmorgen. Aan het belapparaat probeert Alex van Voorst met een ingetogen, bijna juichende stem zijn enthousiasme te verbergen: “Je raad nooit wat mij is overkomen. Ik krijg gisteren een belletje van de ambassade van Maleisië of ik daar éénmalig wil optreden. Ze hebben het interview in GitaarPlus gelezen, en op verzoek van een promotor aldaar mij benaderd.” Read more